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Welcome to Howard Photo Studio

The photo restoration specialists at Atlanta Photo Fix and Scan use the latest digital technologies, combined with old-fashioned artistic skill, to restore faded, worn, stained, spotted, torn, cracked, bleached, faded and other damaged photographs.

No matter what's wrong with your photo, our experienced artists have seen it before - and we've fixed it! When you take your photo to your local Atlanta Photo Fix and Scan , it never leaves the store. In fact, our artists will never touch your original photo. We will scan the photo, creating the digital image that our specialists will work with. 

Working with digital images also allows us to offer highly specialized services, including realistic colorization of black-and-white images, background changes, and even adding or removing people! When your photo is ready (usually 7-14 days later), you will be notified . That's when you'll be asked to come in to pick up your long-lasting archival print. Don't forget to bring a package of Kleenex!